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News on Gaza/Israel crisis

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UNWRA Head-Commissioner yesterday visited Gaza - “There is no safe space remaining”

UNWRA is the UN Works and Relief Agency, a special UN agency setup for the Palestinian refugees. It’s head commissioner visited Gaza yesterday and reported back on the situation he found there, for the full story, go here.

Here are some quotes from that article:

The population lives in constant fear; there is no safe space remaining in Gaza, as the targeting of residential buildings by the IAF continues.

Over 50 per cent of the population in Gaza is below 18 years of age. These are children who have been constantly exposed to violence. The additional severe military escalation that is currently ongoing will only add to their already-existing psychological trauma.

"What usually triggers displacement is a ground operation; a ground offensive. That’s why we really hope that a ground offensive will not happen, because – among many other things – it will also cause a lot of humanitarian problems."

We need more high ranking officials to get out of their offices and go and visit Gaza, then they couldn’t face just sitting around talking, playing at politics, they would have to DO something.

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